YiChi Lin

Software Engineer

I am YiChi Lin. I have completed my Bachelor degree of Applied Computing in 2016 in Taiwan. I have work experience in web development for two years. I love challenges and never stop improving myself.

You can discover more about me through this website. Drawing the inspiration from my daily life, I create everything you see on this website.
If you have any question, please feel free to contact me.

What I can do for you

  • Languages that I can speak with YOU

      Chinese (Native Speaker)
      English (Fluent-TOEIC 820/990)
      German (A2.2, Daily Communication)

  • Languages/Frameworks that I can speak with COMPUTER


Who am I

    Software Engineer/Web Developer
    Never Stop Improving
    Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish
    Curious About This Awesome World

My Experience

Software Engineer @ Titansoft Pte Ltd Taiwan Branch, Taipei Taiwan

May 2016 - Current
  • Develop and maintain web application service based on Blockchain technology (Decentralize Application development, web application interact with Ethereum contract)
  • Ensure service qualities by by implement refactoring, structure design with scalability and reusability oriented and 24/7 technical support for any emergency issue
  • Visualize data for monthly product income, performance trend with Metabase
  • Adapt to rapidly deliver new feature and able to develop both frontend and backend Develop web applications using C#, ASP.Net MVC/API, JavaScript, VueJs, T-SQL
  • Experience with Agile Scrum Methodology, two weeks as a cycle time
  • Conduct internal JavaScript training twice a year

Exchange Student @ Ludwigshafen University of Applied Science, Ludwigshafen Germany

March 2015 - March 2016
  • German A2 level
  • Business English

International Volunteer @ Timisoara Romania

July 2014 - September 2014
  • Work in a international team (India, Egypt, China and Poland etc.) with local non-prot organization
  • Promote local events with organization

Project I have participated

EttaGames-Cryptocurrency Gaming

亂世浮生 | Turbulent World


I took this photo in my hometown. A Chinese song called “turbulent world” came to my mind after I finished editing this photo. People can interpret the meaning of the name in different ways. To me, I understood it as a life style. Even though the world is unfair and not perfect, everyone still has the right to live in her/his own way. I told myself that no matter how turbulent the world is, I should always be myself, believe myself and the most important of all is don’t cause troubles and be the burdens to others.
以樹木與樹葉為底的這張圖片,在我完成編輯後,心中出現了這個詞 - 亂世浮生。亂世浮生出自於五月天的歌,每個人好像對這詞都有不同的解釋,而對我來說的意思是一種生活的方式,在這個紛紛擾擾的世界上,以最適合自己的姿態,越過那些紛擾,漂浮飛過這混亂的世界,只要自己快樂就好,在不造成別人的傷害與負擔的前提之下,昨日的煩惱就放逐到光年之外。

和平 | Peaceful | Friedlich

November 2015, Germany

As an exchange student in Germany, I found so many differences between the world and my hometown. There are many unexpected incidents happend every single day whatever the incidents were caused by terrorist, civil war, or enviornment. So many innocent people are suffering. All of them makes me painful.
I hope the world can be peaceful gradually!
Ich hoffe, dass die Welt friedlich wird!



Life in Germany is about to end. I have been through many challenges due to cultural difference, loneliness, and unsecure feeling. Now, I feel comfortable and delightful in Germany. However, homesick will never end. I just received this postcard couple days ago from Taiwan. I thought this postcard was lost somewhere on its way to me. Fortunately, it flied over thousand miles and arrived. One thing that is irreplaceable for everyone is called HOME.



Time elapsed. I am not a student anymore. However, there is still something that I can preserve such as always be curious, passionate, pure, and young. My life is just going to start and glitter.

Dare to Dream

Taoyuan, Taiwan

This photo was taken in my university while I was lying on the sports field. One of my dream is to study in Germany. I think the best way to discover a foreign country is studying there. I have applied for exchange student twice and failed at the first time. I was really depressed. But that was not the end. I applied for International Volunteer project in Europe. I experienced a lot of culture difference. It's an unforgettable memory in my life. Even though I wasn't really in Germany, at least I was closer to Germany.

Stay Hungry & Stay Foolish

Timisoara, Romania

This photo was taken during my volunteer service in Romania. There was a machine in the department store with which you can print whatever you want on the cans. And I took the “Stay Hungry” of the "Stay Hungry and Stay Foolish" saying from Steve Jobs. I keep this in mind and inspire myself. Actually, "Stay Hungry " is an ambiguity. I teased myself with another metaphor. It reflected my life in Romania. I felt hungry all the time even though I just finished my meal thirty minutes ago.


Vienna, Austria

This photo was taken during my journey in Vienna. I think everything in Vienna is expensive except fruit. That's why my breakfast was always fruit. I woke up early on that day to visit a local market in the city. I found a mobile coffee cart on the street and was also not cheap compare to the coffee shop. However, I still bought a cup of black coffee to wake me up.